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Introduction to Mass FX

This lesson will take us through the journey of rigging and simulating a wrecking ball hitting a pillar, while the lateral gets destructed into pieces. We will use Mass FX inside 3DS Max for creating this scene while also using a free script from '' for breaking the model of the Pillar into several tiny parts.

01.          We will learn some basics of Rigid Bodies in Mass FX while creating a Ball and Chain constraint with the Mass FX Tools. Open up the ‘Wrecking_Ball_Begin.max’ file and select the first part of the chain ‘Static_Hook_01’. As we want this part of the chain to act as a fixed object therefore we will make it a static rigid body by choosing ‘Set Selected as Static Rigid Body’ from the Mass FX Toolbar.

02.          Access the modify panel of the object in order to access the Mass FX Rigid Body parameters. Open the ‘Physical Shapes’ menu and set the ‘Shape Type’ as ‘Original’ in order to leave the shape of the geometry mesh as its original geomet…