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Sand Mesh and Material

This lesson will take us through the procedure of making a Procedural Deserted Land while we create a Sand Material and a Procedural Terrain by using Procedural Maps and Procedural Modifiers.

01          We will start by creating a plane in the scene which will define the sand layer. Name it as ‘Sand Plane’ and set its Length and Width to 200 feet each. We will also increase the Length and Width Segments to 100 each in order to provide enough segments for creating the sand dunes displacement.

02          We will add some elevation over the plane by using the Noise Modifier. As we require the elevation on the plane in Z axis, therefore we will Increase the ‘Z Strength’ value to ‘16’ and further scale the noise up by increasing the ‘Scale’ value to ‘400’. Apart from th is smooth uneven surface of the sand we will add another layer of dunes on top of it with the help of ‘Displace' modifier.

03          Now in order to make the 'Displace' modifier work we will add a map onto i…

Interior Lighting Using Standard Lights

This lesson will give you a better understanding of the principles associated with CG lighting while also providing some valuable tips and tricks for a faster and more efficient work flow. Moreover the techniques taught in this lesson can be applied to any 3D program used in the industry.

 01          This lesson will go through the different tips and tricks that we require to light up an interior scene according to a day lit scenario. Open up the 'Interior Room Lighting Begin.max' file which we are going to light up using the standard lights in 3DS Max. Before lighting up any scene we have to take certain decisions in our scene like where are we going to have the main source of light coming from and which regions in our scene are going to act as secondary light sources.

02          In this current scene we are having a really big window on the right side of the scene which can act as the key light source of the scene i.e. the light coming from the direct sunlight. We can hav…