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Camera Tracking and Placing 3D Objects inside After Effects

In this lesson we are going to learn the art of Camera Tracking. Camera Tracking can be defined as Tracking the Movements of a camera through a shot so that an identical virtual camera move can be produced inside a 3D program. This process is quite useful in seamlessly compositing CG objects onto a live action footage by matching the perspective and copying the camera move from the plate into the cg environment.

01          Fire up After Effects and open the AE Camera Tracking 01 After Effects file from the projects folder. In this project we will be using a footage with a bit dull color settings. But in order to track the footage accurately we will require the tracking targets to be a bit more bright and contrasty. Therefore we will apply a Brightness and Contrast effect onto the footage before initializing the tracking process.

02          Right click on the footage and select Pre-compose in order to Track the Camera using the composition. Name it as Color Corrected and dive inside…

Using Stock Footage In After Effects

In this lesson we will learn to create a scene in which the actor that we keyed in our last lesson will get a hard hit from her own clone. The hit will result in an explosion of her head leaving hot burnt edges around her neck. We will also learn to do some sky replacement and creating rain effect along with the wet puddle look while also using some acquisition footage to achieve some cool effects.

01          Open up the Magic with Particles 01 after effects file from the project folder. The first thing that we need to convincingly accomplish this effect is a clean plate. But right now if we play through the footage we will find a tripod in the centre of the shot which was placed as a position marker for the other actress in front of green screen.

02          So in order to get rid of that we will duplicate the layer with the name Clean Plate and trim it down to the point where we don't have the actress in the shot. Apply Time Remapping effect onto it and stretch the shot from t…