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Motion Tracking In After Effects

When we Handover the Video Footage to the Tracking Software, it has no Idea about what is there in the Footage and has no concept of motion or direction. So in order to define these things we can generate a track data of the moving object in the footage and can make another object of our choice to follow the exact same path with the help of the Motion Tracking feature in our preferred software. What these programs with Motion Tracking feature does is follow a point (or points) in the footage that we assign through the Tracking Tool and extrapolate the motion of that point across the time the point is in the view. This feature registers the track data, or path of the target object in the view and then uses this data to:
a. Make one Object Follow another - Add Motion to the Static Picture so that it will travel with the Target Object.

b. Stabilize the Footage - Removing the Jittery Camera Motion from the Shot.

Motion Tracking Procedure

The most important thing for this procedure to wor…

Advanced Character Rigging with DUIK Tools

01          In this lesson we will learn how to Rig a 2D Character with IK inside After Effects. Open the 'Casual Guy 01' After Effects file from the projects folder. The file contains 2 compositions with the side pose and the front pose of the character each having separate layers for each part of the body. The file contains the minimum number of layers possible for rigging a 2D character.

02          We will start rigging process by pinning down the joints of the 'Front Left Arm' layer with the Puppet Tool which can be found on the main tool bar. Before starting the Pinning process make sure that the value of 'Expansion' is set to 1 while the 'Triangles' value is set to 550. With the Puppet tool selected click on the middle of the shoulder to create the 1st Puppet Pin Point, and then on the center of the Elbow, Wrist and Hand for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Puppet Pin Points respectively. 

03          The important thing while rigging a character in AE is …

Introduction to Rigging with DUIK Tools

DUIK Tools helps in easing down the process of animation in After Effects with its easy to use features like Bones, IK and Auto-Rig. DUIK tools provides us the power of animating objects and characters in After Effects using Inverse Kinematics and Bones. It provides us with bone controllers for separate parts of the characters and we can reproduce the exact 3D Program like methods for skinning and rigging of characters in After Effects. DUIK tools also helps us with an IK controller at the end of an arm, or a leg. Now one can animate the entire limb by just modifying the postion of the hand or the foot. But before starting the lesson we will learn how to download and install the DUIK tool that we are going to use to rig our character.
01          In order to download the free DUIK tools script type in '' in your internet browser's address bar and hit enter. Click on the DUIK: Rigging and Animation link provided on the website's home page and download the Free…

Introduction to Motion Graphics in After Effects

1          We are going to start this lesson by creating a simple animation of circle ring sweeping with the help of Ellipse Tool. Create a circle in the center of composition and delete the 'Fill' sub layer in order to remove the color filling inside the circle and leave the stroke on the circle. Increase the stroke amount to 110 and change the color to orange.

2          Add in Trim Paths effect to the Ellipse 1 Layer which will help us in trimming down the stroke shape from the end or the start. Now in order to create a sweeping circle animation we will animate the Start and the End parameters of the 'Trim Paths' effect one after the another. Create a 20 frame long animation cycle of the 'Start' parameter stating from the 1st frame, while another 20 frame long animation cycle of the 'End' parameter starting from the 11th frame, catching the 'Start' parameter. Select all the key frames and press F9 in order to give a smooth touch to the anima…